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  • Kis-edit is the tool for simple webpage editing of existing website pages.

  • Change text without requiring any technical skills.

  • Upload images very easily and position them in between the text

  • Edit your pages directly online in your browser. No local software required.

  • No software installation! Start now.

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Try Kis-edit yourself? Do the online live demo:   Kis-edit live demo...

Your website has been made by a website designer but you do want to be able to change texts and images yourself

  • example of webpage with kis-edit button bar Very simple text editing directly in your browser. You see your webpage as you are used too but now you can type in the text on your page.
  • Very easy image uploading from your local computer and insertion in the text. Images that are too big are automatically resized.
  • You do not need any knowledge about HTML, up-and downloading, resizing images etc. What You See Is What You Get, comparable to Microsoft Word. Everyone who has a basic still in Word can also work directly with Kis-edit.
  • With Kis-edit you maintain existing web pages. New pages you gladly delegate to your website designer.
  • Kis-edit automatically backs up your web page so you can easily restore the changes
  • Kis-edit runs in the Cloud so nothing has to be installed. You can start directly after filling out a few fields on this page.

Don't spend your time any longer on boring and simple website maintenance but instead focus again on your specialty: creative design of new sites. Your customers can maintain his own website texts and images with Kis-edit and doesn't have to bother you anymore with simple maintenance requests.

What is Kis-edit not?
Kis-edit is no CMS (Content Management System) comparable to Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, Wordpress or DotNetNuke. Such a CMS is characterized by the fact that all content is stored in a database and that pages are dynamically created from templates. Kis-edit is much more simple. Existing static pages are simply updated with the changed content. These can be HTML, PHP or ASP(X) pages as long as the text content is part of the page and not retrieved from a database. Kis-edit is not suited for building complete new sites.

You don't have to adjust yourself anymore to all peculiarities of CMS template design. You can let yourself go again in your creative expression using your favorite design tools like Dreamweaver. No need to implement a CMS anymore only to offer your customers edit functionality! By using Kis-edit you won't suffer the disadvantages of a CMS system.

Disadvantages of popular CMS systems

  • Most CMS's are open-source and are free of charge. However, this has a flipside. Hackers study the code and find loopholes. Most CMS based sites suffer from multiple attacks a day. To prevent this, extra security software should be installed and bug fixes and updates should be installed as soon as they are released. Maintaining a CMS based site is not a walk in the park. "Free" open-source software comes with a price!
  • For many people using the CMS backend is too complicated.
  • A CMS based site usually consist of very much pages. A Joomla site consist of over 4000 files. Simply overkill for small sites.
  • Building a CMS page takes a considerable amount of processer time on the webserver. If many people visit the site the response can become quit slow.
  • Adjusting the design of the template chosen is complex. Wanting a small change in functionality of a module or plugin is even more complex.
  • Risk of strange unpredictable behavior and errors especially when multiple plugins are used from different authors. Most open-source programmers are not keen on strict error handling. This makes solving the unpredictable behavior very difficult. 

Using kis-edit

No software installation!
Kis-edit is a web based application running in the Cloud. Nothing has to be installed. Only the FTP credentials of the webserver of your customer have to be filled out once. Kis-edit uses the FTP proctol to read and write files on the users webserver.

Kis-edit tags
With Kis-edit by default the entire web page can be editted. We recommend however the addition of so called kis-edit tags in order to restrict the page section that can be editted. Because of this the user cannot accidentally destroy the structure of the page for instance by deleting  a DIV tag.
A Kis-edit editable section is located between DIV tags with class kis-edit. Example: <div id="ke1" class="kis-edit">
    this is the editable text...
    and more text... 
</div><!-- end ke1 -->
A page can have multiple editable sections as long as each section has a unique ID. Adding kis-edit tages to your users site is a one-off activity and is very easy. The comment with the closing DIV is required and contains the ID of the start DIV (so here 'ke1')

Websites that can work with Kis-edit

Kis-edit works for websites that consist of HTML pages that contain text and images. Kis-edit cannot work with sites that retrieve the text from a database. So the site cannot be made with a Content Management System like Wordpress, Joomla, Strato etc.

live demo

Try Kis-edit in an online live demo. This demo works on a copy of the existing (Google translated Dutch) website Choose a page and edit it. You can also insert an image in the text very easily. Have fun!

Kis-edit live demo...


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